Accounting services in Haifa and Krayot

Website development for an accounting services company in Haifa and Krayot

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Period: winter 2020

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Providing accounting services involves:

  • full or partial outsourcing;
  • keep personnel, tax and business records;
  • reports, including for companies that have temporarily suspended their work;
  • provision of accounting services during the audit period;
  • tax advice;
  • conduct an audit and more. specialists organize account recovery, fix system errors and provide internal control over the movement of securities. The services of an accountant in Haifa and Krayot are provided remotely. The modern approach significantly increases the level of confidentiality. Access to information is available only to the responsible employee whose request was approved by the client upon signing the contract.

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    Under comprehensive business online support on the Internet, we understand following the objectives of the client’s business with the aim of solving them as efficiently as possible using the technologies of Internet marketing.

    Accompanying the business of clients on the Web, we try to become part of your team, be as integrated as possible in your business processes, deeply understand the tasks and offer the best solutions.

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