Car service “Cosmetic – Auto”

Development of the Landing Page site for a car service from Khmelnitsky. Briefly, clearly, accessible.

Sites (development).
Landing Page.
Comprehensive support.

Period: Spring 2019
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We, the Car Service Cosmetics – Auto, – are a friendly and close-knit team of masters in Khmelnitsky, united by one goal: this is care for you and your car.
For 20 years we have grown from a “garage’ ’” into a full-fledged car service
And first of all, we thank the people who believed us at the beginning of our journey and still use the services of our car service.

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  • Landing Page - from ₪ 1500

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    Landing Page — a web page whose main task is to collect contact information for the target audience. Used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising, increase audience. The landing page usually contains information about the product or service.

    Going to landing pages is often done from social media, email newsletters, and advertising campaigns on search engines. The main task of such pages is the conversion of the visitor into the buyer or client of the company, the motivation for the target action. Analysis of user actions on the landing page allows marketers to determine the success of advertising.

  • Business card site

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    Decision like Business card site – this is providing users with a small amount of information containing only specific facts, a description of the advantages of goods and the advantages of the company’s services, a few words about the company as a whole – thesis and presentation.

    To create such a mini-project, a business card site will require small financial and time costs, the development will pay off when the visitors of the resource become regular customers.