Website development. Corporate Website.

Corporate website – this is a full representation of your company on the Internet.

Corporate website – a solution for companies that need to present not only the product line, but also information about the company, its advantages and capabilities, partners and contractors, history, etc.

A corporate site is different from most web-resources, as its purpose – not only sales, but also work with a reputation.It allows you to shape the image of the company as a reliable partner.

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The site of a large company is its face on the Internet. Through it, potential buyers, customers, partners begin acquaintance with the business, find out the most important thing and decide whether they will contact the company.

In addition to the catalog and standard pages, the website includes sections “company news” and “articles” that allow visitors to learn about the achievements of the organization, and customers can always be aware of events, promotions, offers, etc. Of course, the cost of a corporate website is somewhat higher than other packages, but at the same time it gives more opportunities.

Why do you need a corporate website?

For the organization, the official website solves several important tasks at once.

  • Firstly, It allows you to present with descriptions and photographs the products and services of the company.
  • Secondly, provides constant two-way communication with customers, analysis of their actions, which allows you to adjust sales policies.
  • Thirdly, gives the opportunity to work on the image of the organization.

If the company has reached a level where the image is no less important than sales and even determines them, such a site is needed for brand development. This is especially important when a company wants to take a place in new markets.

Functions and features of a corporate site.

After creating the resource, you will receive all the tools for presenting services and goods:

  • easy to use and functional CMS;
  • product catalog or gallery for the presentation of services;
  • finished design (you can also order the development of individual);
  • structured, convenient structure for visitors and administrators;
  • filling with unique content up to 20 pages (if possible add them unlimited);
  • filling up to 30 positions of the catalog / gallery (if possible, add and edit them on your own);
  • technical support of specialists at all stages of creation and after the transfer of a resource to you;
  • tools for communicating with visitors: feedback form, guestbook section, social network widgets, newsletter subscription form
  • etc.

Searching the site will simplify the choice of products for customers, and the “multiple photos from one product” function will allow you to make an order decision without delay.

What features can a corporate website have?

  • User feedback. It can be interactive sending forms that help users to correctly formulate thoughts and wishes, modules for online consultation, sections with reviews, as well as polls that are updated in real time and allow you to easily analyze the question you are interested in.
  • Organization of work and categorization of materials. Personal accounts, catalogs of goods and services, filtering and sorting tools, as well as ratings and recommendations pages. All this greatly simplifies and systematizes the work with the site, urging the user to return to it again and again.
  • Informing visitors. Company news, copyright articles and articles from users, videos and photo galleries. The abundance of useful and interesting content not only promotes your site in search engines, but also gives users a clear idea of the company whose services they want to use.

A corporate website can combine many functions that are limited only by the wishes of the customer. For the most part, work on such sites is a rather serious project, requiring the study of many important details.



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