Advertising on the Google Display Network

Google Display Network Ads – effective way to increase reach of potential customers.

Google Display Network Ads – widely used tool of Internet marketing, which allows you to increase the number of potential customers of your site.

With a high degree of probability they will perform a useful action – purchase, registration or subscription.

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Reaching customers on websites and apps on any device!

Ads display ads can be displayed on more than 2,000,000 websites and in more than 650,000 applications, allowing you to reach any audience.

Display ad types


Like search ads, display ads consist of 2 headlines, a description line and a URL.

In gmail.

Show personalized ads in Gmail – users can save, forward and view your ads in their inbox.


This format allows you to personalize your design using images and animations, multimedia and interactive elements, etc.

In the application.

Create a campaign targeting specific categories of mobile apps or track the performance of ads that are already running in your app.

Exact coverage of the target audience.

The Display Network includes millions of sites, news pages and blogs, as well as Google assets like Gmail and YouTube.

It allows you to reach 90% of Internet users around the world. Thanks to the settings targeting, keywords, demographic characteristics and remarketing you can attract customers to your company and increase sales.

There are millions of sites on the Internet that host Google ads on their pages. And at the same time, potential customers are studying information about the desired product, or reading thematic blogs or forums.

And if some already know what they want by reading reviews or blogs about it, then the second live a normal life, while making regular purchases or visiting services (cosmetologists / hairdressers).

By embracing and constantly reminding these people of yourself, you can turn them into potential customers, even if they don’t search it on the Internet.

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