Contextual Advertising Google Ads

Submit yourcontextual advertising on Google Ads today!
Potential clients learn about your company at the right time – when will search on google goods and services that you offer.

You only pay for referrals to the site and phone calls on the ad.

Attracting new customers to Google Ads will help increase the volume of online sales and the number of calls to the office, attract new visitors to the site and create a permanent audience.

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Why Google Ads?

  • Contacting the audience at the right time;
  • Potential customers will see your ad when they search Google for the products and services you offer;
  • Advertisements in your area or around the world;
  • Ads can be targeted to countries, regions, cities, and even a specific distance from your office or store;
  • You pay only for results;
  • No clicks – no costs.

Signing up for Google Ads is free.

You pay only when someone clicks your ad and visits your website or calls to your office. In other words, only when the ad is running.

For any budget.
Even without a huge budget, you will succeed if you choose the right purpose of advertising. It is profitable for some companies to spend millions of UAH per month on advertising, and for others – hundreds and thousands of times less.

Ads have many ad formats available:

text search and image display ads; YouTube video ads;

Mobile ads for apps – and that’s not all.

You will be found on Google Search.
Contextual ads appear next to search results when people search for your products and services. At the same time, you only pay for referrals to your website or calls to your company.

What your ad will look like.
Ads will appear above search results for queries that match your keywords.
You pay only if the user clicks on the ad to go to the site or call your company. Google users send millions of searches every day from computers, tablets and smartphones. Among them, there are certainly those who are interested in your offer and make a purchase.

Data collection and analysis.
Having started showing ads, you can receive reports on its effectiveness and make the necessary adjustments. In addition, you can create different versions of ads to choose the best option.

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Manufacturer of women’s and children’s clothing under tm Iren Models from Khmelnitsky (Ukraine). Comprehensive service by our company since 2017. Internet consulting, search engine promotion, placement of new models on the site. Contextual advertising is included in the preparation for the next season. Refinement of the site of the manufacturer of women’s and children’s clothing.…

Diploma Service, state of emergency

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Organization of effective Internet marketing for a company for services of writing various works for students. The old site of the company was pessimized by the Google search engine for the presence of viruses on the site, etc., and the developer company, as often happens, disappeared somewhere. It was decided to go in two directions:…

Sorceress Svetlana

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Setting up contextual advertising and finalizing the fortuneteller site logic. Ads on the Google Ads content network were originally set up by others. After analyzing the current situation, namely 80% of the clicks were identified as junk, a decision was made to reconfigure the advertising company according to our plan and refine the functionality of…

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Setting up Google AdWords contextual advertising in Ukraine. The company was set up by other specialists, but, according to the customer, did not give the desired effect. The analysis is carried out and on its basis a new contextual company strategy was proposed, the main difference of which is the concentration of the budget. The…

Land for sale

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Organization of contextual advertising for the sale of land in certain regions of one of the regions of Ukraine. Targeting is configured only for specific areas and areas of the area. Traffic is directed to a Facebook account. Developed recommendations for the client to increase the effectiveness of the advertising company. Google AdWords Contextual Advertising…

Shchedry.Ukr bottled water delivery service

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Development of a comprehensive online promotion strategy. Shchedry.Ukr bottled water delivery service SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Contextual advertising Google AdWords. Media and other Google AdWords advertising. Advertising Facebook / Instagram. Internet shops (development). Integrated support. The period: the spring of 2017-2019. website address: щедрий.укр

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Online stores (development). Sites (development). Repair and redesign of the site. Period: winter 2018. website address:

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