Google Shopping advertising campaigns and product listing ads based on the Merchant Center

Google Shopping – service for online retailers. The ability to choose products, current data, convenient methods of purchase – all this is presented in Google Shopping.

Using shopping campaigns will automate routine work and free up time for other tasks.

Setting up shopping campaigns allows you to show your products to an audience that is truly ready to make a purchase.

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In May 2018, Google announced a new format for Smart Shopping Campaigns.

This is a new type of campaign on Google Ads that uses the Merchant Center feed to create product listing ads and allows advertisers to show ads on search results, the Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail.

It combines standard shopping campaigns and remarketing campaigns on the Display Network. The word smart is really key because this type of campaign uses machine learning. This helps automate bids to maximize conversions within a given budget.

The system selects the optimal bid for each user by taking into account the unique contextual signals that collect and transmit information about the placement site and the visitor in each auction.

Where are product listing ads placed?

  • In google search results
  • On the Google Shopping page
  • On other sites on the Internet

What do you need to start advertising in GMC?

  • Online store with the possibility of online ordering;
  • Product Feed;
  • Registered GMC Account;
  • GMC Campaign Advertising Account.

Prohibited items for product listing ads.

Some topics are not allowed for placement of product listing ads in Google. Before you start advertising, check if your business is included in a number of prohibited topics.

Requirements for online shopping.

It’s more difficult to advertise in GMC than in Google Advertising, since product advertising has more moderation requirements. Many advertisers may have difficulty posting, so it’s best to prepare in advance.

All advertisers must follow a set of rules in order to advertise on Google Shopping:

  • Reliability of contact information. The site must include the exact contact details, phone number and email address.
  • Secure ordering. You must use a secure SSL server with a valid https certificate.
  • Return Policy. Provide clear and structured information about the progress of the return of goods.
  • Terms of payment. Indicate available information on payment methods and options so that customers can familiarize themselves with the conditions before the purchase.
  • An opportunity to order the range online. Check the entire checkout process, there should be no errors.

Pros of Smart Shopping Campaigns

  • Reduces time spent managing campaigns. All you need is to specify a goal, budget, landing page and product details. The system will do the rest for you.
  • Optimizes campaigns based on marketing goals.
  • Predicts the value of the conversion and, based on this, automatically sets bids for each auction. The system analyzes campaign statistics and contextual signals (for example, device, geo, time of day) received during the auction. Based on this information, the optimal CPC for each possible ad impression is determined.
  • Allows you to distribute the budget as efficiently as possible between Search, Display Network and YouTube.

If you are looking for the cheapest, most profitable and effective traffic when trading goods, then the Google Merchant service is perfect for you.

You can offer the full range of your online and offline stores, and you will become closer to customers by just downloading the necessary product information in the Google Merchant Center, linking your Merchant Center and Adwords accounts, and setting up advertising campaigns correctly.


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