Graphic design

Graphic design – this is the creation of a visual graphic product (printing, outdoor advertising, banners, business cards, website design, packaging, logo, book design, font creation, etc.) using special programs.

Design does not have to be expensive or catchy. It must correspond to the purpose for which it is created.

Graphic design is a modern form of visual art. Regardless of whether we are working on packaging chips or the website of a law firm, in both cases the project must convey its message to the target audience.

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Logo – this is the face of the company, which will represent it on every corner where your advertisement is. It is very important – go responsibly to this stage – the stage of image formation. The right beautiful logo is a great start to your business.

Form style – This is a visual image of the company, a set of different graphic elements (logo, business cards, letterheads) created in the same style. Corporate identity helps create the image of the company, emphasize its individuality.

Outdoor advertising — this is graphic information that is placed on special designs. This is a powerful tool for reaching the target audience, which makes it possible to segment consumers by geography.

Polygraphic design – a kind of graphic design whose main task is the development of materials for printed materials. The finished product is paper media. Our task is to provide ease of perception of information on a print medium.

Website Design Creation – This is the development of the appearance of the site (selection of optimal graphic elements, fonts and colors) with all its functionality for maximum visitor convenience, and therefore for orders, calls and sales from the site.

Package design – this is a solution to the graphic design of product packaging, an important attribute of the brand, a certain channel of communication with the buyer. Our task is to stimulate sales of goods using the correct (beautiful and practical) appearance of the packaging.

Brand book development – an important task of each start-up company for structuring and systematizing all information about its brand; to develop a set of recommendations that will help preserve the unity of the brand and the integrity of its image in all interactions with the target audience.

Banner – This is a graphic image, the most common form of advertising on the Internet. It can be seen on every site, it advertises goods, services, brands, events, etc. For the effectiveness of advertising you need to correctly approach the graphic creation of a banner, interest the buyer to make a click.

Media design. If you watch television programs, you probably noticed how the visual style of each of them is selected, whether it be a news program or a program about family dramas. Visual style is the merit of graphic designers. It harmoniously combines with the theme of the program, does not distract and does not bother.

Business card design – This is the appearance of the “note” on which your contacts are indicated. And we will do everything so that this piece of paper is proudly called a business card, which is nice to look at, which I would not want to part with – this is how you will always be with your client.

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