Integration of an online store or website with CRM

Integration of an online store or website with CRM – synchronization of data on the website and in the company database with a certain periodicity (according to the established schedule) or continuously. It involves the transfer of data from the site to the CRM program or uploading program information to the site.

CRM Integration allows you to upload information from price lists and a catalog of goods to the site, organize the updating of data on commodity positions, receive and process orders in CRM.

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Customer relationship management system (CRM, CRM system) — application software for organizations designed to automate strategies for interacting with customers (customers), in particular to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing customer information and the history of relationships with them, establishing and improving business processes and subsequent analysis results.

CRM is a model of interaction based on the theory that the client is the center of the entire business philosophy, and the main activities of the company are measures to ensure effective marketing, sales and customer service.

Support for these business goals includes the collection, storage and analysis of information about customers, suppliers, partners, as well as about the company’s internal processes. Functions to support these business goals include sales, marketing, customer support.

The algorithm also allows you to systematize and automate the process of informing customers about the status of processing and delivery of orders – tracking is carried out in your account on the website.

The advantages of sites and online stores integrated with CRM are relevant not only for online stores, but also for any sites whose work is invariably associated with the processing of a large amount of personal data of employees, users, visitors, or information on production / trading processes.

Thus, sites integrated with CRM have the followingadvantages:

  • User friendliness. The ability to automatically inform the client about the status of service readiness, processing or delivery of goods;
  • Convenience to the head. Convenient form and simple algorithms for outputting reports and summaries for a certain period, according to a given class and established criteria;
  • Convenience for HR. Compilation of the organization structure, systematization of data on employees and their automated updating, tracking personnel changes;
  • Convenience for site administrators. Reduced labor costs for processing and updating information, automated administration algorithms, data composition;
  • Business convenience. Competent analytics compiled by the system, which allows you to track the dynamics of key indicators and work on business performance.

CRM Integration relevant for online stores, corporate portals, training and travel portals. This is an opportunity to implement complex accounting, management, analytical and administrative algorithms on the basis of one site and significantly simplify the work with it for moderators and administrators.

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