Online Stores development creation

We are engaged in the development (creation) online stores and other projects of varying degrees of complexity. Knowing the difference between an effective online store and wasted time and money, we only work with those customers who understand the purpose of creating the site. And we are ready to help them with this.

We are interested in developing the business of our customers, we are trying to become a reliable partner for them. We advise and help with any tasks: from selecting a domain name to performing professional photography of goods or objects.

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An integrated approach to solving business problems is the basis of our work.

At online stores development creation we delve into the features of production, the details of business processes and sales, and determine the target audience. This allows you to attract visitors, take into account all the options for their behavior and provide them with the most convenient interface that helps to increase confidence in the site and improves conversion.

To order an Internet project at NiKK is to get a modern and effective tool for developing your business on the Internet.

Creating an online store from scratch.

Creating an online store from scratch is one of the profile tasks of NiKK agency.

Working according to a clearly established plan, our specialists adhere to fashion design trends, create comfortable navigation and achieve friendliness to the site of search engines. As a result, the customer receives a modern, convenient selling resource that is completely ready for work.

Creation of a turnkey online store. What do we offer?

The experience and knowledge of our staff members allows us to successfully create online stores of any complexity “turnkey”.

In this case, the team performs a set of tasks, which includes:

  • Consumer and competitor analysis. Studying this information makes it possible to correctly formulate a proposal so that it is competitive and oriented to potential customers.
  • Usability development. Here we think over how to create an online store simple and ergonomic.
  • Prototype creation.Using the information already available, our specialist schematically depicts the location of the main elements on each page of the site.
  • Design. At this stage, we define the concept, approve it with the customer and use it to create the appearance of an online store. At the request of the client, we are ready to create an adaptive website design for ease of use from mobile devices. Due to the popularization of mobile Internet, the adaptability of a resource to a smartphone will favorably affect its position in search results.
  • Layout and programming. The layout approved by the customer is passed into the hands of layout designers and programmers who convert it into a website. At the same time, they achieve the validity of the code and the correct display of pages in all popular browsers. Due to this, clients with various software will be able to fully use the web-resource.
  • Adding Products and Content. Ready-to-use empty site is filled with product cards, descriptions and other information in accordance with modern requirements of search engines and user requests.
  • Testing. The resource is checked for error-free operation in various browsers. They test the coherence of its software components and look at the availability of the necessary materials.
  • Domain registration and mail setup.After a thorough check of the finished resource, it is posted on the hosting.

Online stores development creation.

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