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Landing Page — a web page whose main task is to collect contact information for the target audience. Used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising, increase audience. The landing page usually contains information about the product or service.

Going to landing pages is often done from social media, email newsletters, and advertising campaigns on search engines. The main task of such pages is the conversion of the visitor into the buyer or client of the company, the motivation for the target action. Analysis of user actions on the landing page allows marketers to determine the success of advertising.

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Landing Page Types

There are four main types of landing pages:

  • offline landing page
  • microsite
  • main site
  • segmentation page

Offline Landing Page

It is a detailed advertising offer. The main task is to prompt the user to action right now – purchase, subscribe to services or company news, download a trial version of the software, etc.

To enhance the effect, motivating and calling to action slogans are used, bright and large buttons, a minimalistic design, emphasis on the main advantages of the offer, countdown timers.


This is a separate site with information about the advertised service or product, consisting of several pages (most often no more than 5). Usually microsites contain a minimum of textual information, a large number of attractive and beautiful images of a product or service, and videos. This type of landing page is often used by large companies to advertise individual projects.

Main site

One or more pages of the main site are used as the landing page. This technology has a fairly low efficiency, since there are a lot of distracting navigation elements in the design of the main site. But it allows you to combine a higher conversion, compared with a regular page, plus SEO convenience, comparable to a regular site.

Segmentation page

Develop a landing page based on an existing domain, which consists entirely of stand-alone landing pages. It has a very high conversion, but, unlike all other types, it is inconvenient for SEO optimization.

Types of landing page

  • advertising landing pages
  • target lead pages
  • Viral landing pages

Promotional Landing Pages

A view of landing pages containing a large amount of text, video, graphic information about a product (or service). Such pages work due to the loss of the visitor in a powerful stream of information. The purchase most often takes place to justify the user efforts and time spent on the site.

Landing page targets

Lead Capture – pages created to collect information about the target audience of a product or service. Used in developing a marketing strategy to reduce sales risks. Based on the information collected about the visitor, a proposal is formed that is focused on a specific consumer. Lead pages usually contain brief information about the proposal and the form of the questionnaire (usually with a minimum number of fields). Most often, to motivate visitors to fill the lead are calls to leave their data now in exchange for favorable conditions and gifts from the company.

Viral Landing Pages

This type of landing page does not contain open product advertising. On the page in any part the logo or slogan of the company is unobtrusively located. A viral landing page is seen as interactive entertainment or leisure. Actively distributed by users through social networks, email, chat, etc. Advertising disguises itself as an article, video, picture or game. Through getting used to the entertainment presented on the page, the user subconsciously imbues trust in the brand.


Landing pages are also used to differentiate an online audience. Based on data on the behavior of visitors to landing pages, marketing campaigns are built. Depending on the interests, level of education of the visitor, even the time of day or year, each type of visitor may be offered his own version of the landing page, focused on the desires and needs of a particular target group.

Landing page conversion

Landing page effectiveness is called conversion. This is a number showing the ratio of the number of users who completed the target action to the number of visits to the landing page and multiplied by 100%. The higher the conversion rate, the better landing page.

To increase the conversion of landing pages, A / B testing tools (split testing) are used. The testing task is to identify the design with maximum conversion.

Landing Page Conversion Methods

For successful internal work on the basis of the landing page, you need to be able to concentrate the attention of visitors on one goal – conversion.

To do this, use:

  • Catching headlines and selling text. High-quality landing page content can increase conversion by more than 3 times;
  • USP (a unique selling proposition) describing your product in terms of its indispensability and need for your client;
  • Reviews Not necessarily in text format – video reviews are also widely used;
  • Quality photos and videos. These can be examples of works or video faq in your information product;
    Call to action – in a latent or open form.

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