Repair, alteration, completion and redesign of sites

Repairs, alteration, completion and redesign of sites. From overhaul of the site to a change of design and minor repairs of complex elements.

We finish, remodel, modernize.

Repair and modernization include any work to restore performance, redesign the site, improve usability, functioning and content of the site.

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From complex, overhaul of functional and change of design, to the completion of sites and not difficult moments on the site page. Using a unique and very convenient service, you do not overpay for specialist content.

Do not pay for support. You get the service the moment you need it and pay only for what has been done.

Help with hosting. Our customers often face the problem of transferring the site to a new hosting or ask questions about renewing an existing domain name.

Therefore, to our customers, we additionally provide assistance in the following services:

  • Registration and renewal of a domain name;
  • Placement and transfer of the site to hosting;
  • Setting up corporate mail;
  • Backup and data encryption.

We specialize in repairing and repairing ordinary sites, large portals and online stores for a long time. We carry out all work quickly, efficiently and at the highest level. We work with all famous and popular CMS.

To answer the question “Why do we need a redesign or revision of the site?”, We must first understand what it is.

In fact, this concept is much broader. It includes not just changing the design of the site, but also repairing the Internet resource, updating its structure and software, introducing new technologies and functionalities.

So why do you need site changes? This event may be necessary for several reasons, including the following:

The site is becoming obsolete. Web technologies are constantly being improved, which leads to the appearance of more attractive, convenient and functional resources, error correction. Your resource should not lag behind.

There are numerous technical errors and bugs, кwhich can be eliminated only with a comprehensive repair of the site.

The site does not meet the requirements of users. Typically, this factor affects the unsatisfactory level of usability (usability), which can no longer be corrected as part of the introduction of small changes or additions. Often the resource has to be completely redone to make it more comfortable, convenient and attractive to the user.

In company significant changes have occurred, for example, a change or appearance of new activities, rebranding, etc. These changes should be reflected on the corporate resource.

Change Level Requirements to him and his functional tasks. For example, a company owns a business card website, but wants to transfer some of its sales to the Internet. This requires a comprehensive redesign of the site.

You can order a consultation:

    Our work on the subject Repair, alteration, completion and redesign of sites :

    Shop curtains, blinds, tulle

    By NiKK agency

    Development from scratch of the functionality and design of the sales site for curtains, blinds and accessories. The old site practically did not work and the connection with the developers was lost for a long time by the customer. Based on the old site with the development of the new necessary functionality. Complex non-standard products…

    Car tow truck

    By NiKK agency

    SEO (search engine optimization). Repair and redesign of the site. Car tow truck Period: Autumn 2018. site address:

    Accounting services in Haifa and Krayot

    By NiKK agency

    Website development for an accounting services company in Haifa and Krayot Contextual advertising Google Ads Display and other Google AdWords ads Website Development SEO website promotion Period: winter 2020 Website address: Client: Providing accounting services involves: full or partial outsourcing; keep personnel, tax and business records; reports, including for companies that have temporarily suspended…

    psychologist course “Reboot”

    By NiKK agency

    Developing a Landing Page for a separate psychologist course. Contextual advertising Google Ads, promotion on Facebook / Instagram Creating a Landing Page Repair and redesign of the site Contextual advertising Google Ads Facebook / Instagram Ads Period: Fall-Winter 2019 Site address: Client The course consists of 10 consultations in which you Relieve current stress;…

    Construction company

    By NiKK agency

    Repair, correction of errors, updating and completion of the website of LLC STROYPROEKTINGINZHINIRING. The site is more than 10 years old, the developers are lost …. I had to fully delve into the structure and content. Everything turned out … + conducted basic SEO – optimization. Repair and redesign of the site. SEO (search engine…

    Clothing manufacturer tm Iren Models

    By NiKK agency

    Manufacturer of women’s and children’s clothing under tm Iren Models from Khmelnitsky (Ukraine). Comprehensive service by our company since 2017. Internet consulting, search engine promotion, placement of new models on the site. Contextual advertising is included in the preparation for the next season. Refinement of the site of the manufacturer of women’s and children’s clothing.…

    Diploma Service, state of emergency

    By NiKK agency

    Organization of effective Internet marketing for a company for services of writing various works for students. The old site of the company was pessimized by the Google search engine for the presence of viruses on the site, etc., and the developer company, as often happens, disappeared somewhere. It was decided to go in two directions:…

    Sorceress Svetlana

    By NiKK agency

    Setting up contextual advertising and finalizing the fortuneteller site logic. Ads on the Google Ads content network were originally set up by others. After analyzing the current situation, namely 80% of the clicks were identified as junk, a decision was made to reconfigure the advertising company according to our plan and refine the functionality of…

    Pension «Aladdin»

    By NiKK agency

    Development of a comprehensive online promotion strategy, Pension «Aladdin» Contextual advertising Google AdWords, Repair and redesign of the site. The period: 2017- 2019 . website address:

    Design and Construction Firm

    By NiKK agency

    Repair and site optimization of a construction company. The customer requested, in his opinion, the poor indexing of the site on MODX by the search engine Google . The company that made the site 8 years ago no longer exists. A set of works was carried out: setting up a robots.txt file, analytics systems Google…

    School of Communication “Manifestor”

    By NiKK agency

    The company selling fitness courses has acquired a paid template, with the intention of making its own site. In the course of work, system installation errors and template structure began to appear. We had to reinstall the template and re-configure the server. In the course of the work, recommendations were given regarding CNC, SSL and…

    SiemensCom Engineering

    By NiKK agency

    Finalization of the corporate site. The customer’s wish was to revitalize the corporate website, add dynamics and originality. An animated running line with a gif engineer was developed, and looped animated inscriptions expressing the essence of corporate values ​​were added. Adaptation for different screen resolutions. Repair and redesign of the site. Period: January 2019. website…

    Shchedry.Ukr bottled water delivery service

    By NiKK agency

    Development of a comprehensive online promotion strategy. Shchedry.Ukr bottled water delivery service SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Contextual advertising Google AdWords. Media and other Google AdWords advertising. Advertising Facebook / Instagram. Internet shops (development). Integrated support. The period: the spring of 2017-2019. website address: щедрий.укр