SEO (search engine optimization) sites and online stores

We offer an integrated approach to issues SEO search engine optimization sites and online stores.

Search engine optimization does not boil down to filling the text with keywords.

Before promoting a site or an online store in search engines, we will analyze it in many ways and choose only the most effective and efficient methods and ways to optimize and promote it.

Website promotion and search engine optimization will allow you to find a large number of customers and increase your sales at low cost.

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In the promotion and search engine optimization of sites and online stores, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner, having received the recommendations of competitors and customer confidence, as:

  • We are constantly studying search engine technology; we own the rules of promotion and SEO site optimization for Google and other search engines.
  • We use the latest methods and techniques, through which search engine optimization sites becomes a tool for competition.
  • In the end, who, if not us, knows what search engine optimization is in the SERP for Israel!


Website promotion and search engine optimization is the most powerful modern means of advertising on the Internet, with which we will turn your website into an effective and highly cost-effective marketing tool. Website promotion is your chance to become a market leader and increase sales.

We will not reveal the secret if we say that without the high-quality search engine optimization of the site, its further successful promotion is impossible. But not all companies are able to fulfill the requirements with high quality and on time.

Therefore, we affirm:
Search engine optimization is only for professionals!

By concluding a contract with NiKK, you will find in our person a reliable partner with whom you will never have to worry about search engine optimization for Google and other search engines. We know how to optimize a site for search engines, which we have been successfully proving for more than a year. Our rules for optimizing Internet sites are to use only permitted techniques.

Website optimization for search queries requires quite painstaking work. How difficult this is, few know. It would seem that you know everything about your business and much about the work of search engines, so you yourself can make changes to the content of your site by optimizing it for search queries. But how can one practically saturate its content with key phrases that are optimally working for a given topic without losing the clarity of content that keeps the user’s attention? This is the essence of measures for search engine optimization site.

Since website optimization for search queries is a complex process, it will give the expected result only if during its implementation many factors will be taken into account not only for a specific project, but also for the World Wide Web as a whole, for example, constantly changing algorithms search engines. Therefore, in order for the search engine optimization of the site to meet expectations, it is better to trust this work to professionals with a proven reputation. The price of an error when choosing an incompetent company is high, because it is nothing but your profit!

We know how to optimize a site for search engines and assure that search engine optimization of a site can significantly increase the number of visitors to your site.

For many years, NiKK has been successfully operating in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) market.

During this time, many of our customers were able to personally verify the high class of services provided by the company. Our quality and reliability are guaranteed by recommendations from entrepreneurs who have achieved good commercial results by conducting SEO optimization of their sites or online stores with us.

What does the customer expect?
Based on our experience, we can identify the main customer requests. Customers want search engine optimization sites:

  • Improved the site’s position in search engines for queries relevant to their business;
  • increased the number of visits to the site by the target audience – users interested in the service or product that the client offers;
  • increased the number of sales from the site and helped the formation, promotion and consolidation of the brand in the market, popularizing and increasing its recognition;
  • was available at reasonable prices;
  • carried out in conjunction with measures to support the achieved result;
  • passed on time with the provision of a guarantee of achieving the agreed goal.

Surely in the list of requirements forsearch engine optimization site You could find your own. Successful practice and high results allow us to say with confidence that we know what our customers expect from us, contacting us to promote and optimize our site (online store), and we know how to realize these desires.

Our company has a number of advantages over other companies involved in optimizing sites for search engines.

Our services imply an exclusively individual approach to each client. We carefully study the specifics of the client’s business, analyze the situation and, based on the results of the analysis, arrange the work so that it brings maximum effect in the shortest possible time.

It is important for our company to achieve results using only permitted methods. Optimization of sites for search engines using “white” methods ensures that the client’s site does not fall under the sanctions of any search engine.

NiKK Company gives guarantees of work results. These conditions are included in the Agreement and are accepted by both parties. If the search engine optimization of the site does not bring results, we will return the money. That is, paying for the cost of our work, you pay not for words, but for the final result. Search engine optimization sites – this is not a set of disparate events, but a well-ordered streamlined process.
We prepare reports and systematically report to customers about the current status of their sites. Regular reporting and full awareness of the progress of the search engine optimization site once again testify to the solidity of our company and the reliability of promotion in the company.
For many years we have been helping our clients to increase profits by conducting successful search engine optimization of their sites, because the events held by the company have already proved their effectiveness and relevance.

How much is it?

A single bet does not exist. The cost of search engine optimization of a site varies depending on how much this site is already optimized and what positions it has in search engines for targeted requests. Based on this factor and the level of the desired result, the price of optimization and further website promotion is calculated. That is, it depends on the amount of work that needs to be done to optimize the site to the required level.

If a decision is made, and our company is called to help you get the maximum profit from the selling site, using Internet marketing competently, then hurry to place an order for search engine optimization. If you want to know even more about the intricacies of our work, then contact us by phone or through the quick contact form.

The main stages of website or online store promotion

Stage 1 – search engine optimization site.
At this stage, preparatory work is being carried out for promotion, an SEO audit is carried out and a degree of search engine optimization of the site is checked – analysis of the text and technical parts of the site. An audit identifies the main problems that hinder the correct indexing of a site by search engines. At the same stage, it is decided how to optimize the site for search and the internal optimization of the site is carried out. At this stage, the technical task is formed to correct existing errors on the site, and texts corresponding to the requirements of search engines are written. Immediately after the preparatory work of the first stage, we begin to implement the terms of reference. Following changes and checks, the site is transferred to promotion.

Stage 2 – website promotion.
At the second stage of promotion – website promotion – our experts develop link texts to place them on special, carefully selected sites on the Internet. This stage is primarily aimed at achieving the necessary specific result.

Stage 3 – support for the result.
As soon as the agreed positions are reached, the third stage begins – supporting the result achieved in the previous stages. Website promotion and optimization for search engines is a permanent process.

Get acquainted in detail with each of the stages and with the timing and cost of work:

  • Website optimization
  • Website promotion
  • Result Support
  • Terms and cost of work

Interaction with the client.

It is necessary to say a few words about how the interaction is carried out during the search engine optimization of the site, promotion and support.

The project curator is your personal account manager. The main task of the account manager is to coordinate the actions of the parties. You can allow yourself not to delve into the nuances of website development, not to learn programming languages, not to understand the logic of ranking search algorithms and keyword density parameters. Especially if once you have already suffered from the need to communicate in a “technical” language, you will be able to merit the benefits of owning a personal account manager.
All necessary changes made to the site during the period when it is being optimized will be presented in an accessible and understandable form. This will allow you to make all corrections as quickly as possible and as soon as possible and follow the recommendations received. If you wish, you can trust our specialists to make corrections for you.
For your convenience, NiKK has developed and implemented a system for monitoring the position of sites in search engines. Thanks to this system, you will have the opportunity to independently check the results of the promotion. To use the service, you need to get a personal login and password.

In our work, we strictly adhere to the principle of information transparency and are convinced that you should be aware of all our actions taken in order to optimize and promote your site. We will promptly inform you of all work with the site in regularly submitted reports.

We know how to optimize a site (online store), and in the process of our work you will be surrounded by care and attention. We will answer any questions and provide comprehensive information about all the actions taken in order to optimally optimize your site.

You can ask any question you are interested in by phone or through the quick contact form. If everything is already clear to you, then place an order for search engine optimization and website promotion.


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