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Waze Adsattract drivers to your business through advertising in the world’s largest navigation application Waze.

The Google Waze navigation app helps drivers quickly get to their destination.

At the same time Waze sells advertisementsу, who is trying to convince drivers to change their routes. For example, Branded Pins could highlight the nearest restaurant or retail store.

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Waze – this is an application for finding routes, created by a community that strives to provide the best driving experience for everyone. This allows users to transmit information about everything from traffic patterns to accident sites, police officers and even potholes.

With over 100 million active users per day, Waze has become the newest way to reach your target audience where they spend most of their time – commuting!

The application has all the standard functions of classic navigators (laying a route, notification of traffic incidents, showing traffic jams, and even the presence of holes on the roads) and social functionality: you can see where your friends are, use chat, etc.

Owned by Google Waze uses its audience with the possibility of advertising in the application.

Why can you use Waze Local for your business?

To increase brand awareness or direct actions to your location. You can stay in front of your target customer, depending on its location and the route that they choose.

In the same way, you will be able to inform new customers about your location, which will help increase traffic in the store.

Waze Local – Waze advertising allows you to communicate with customers using three types of ads:

  • Branded Pins;
  • Zero-Speed Takeover;
  • Promoted Search.

Branded Pins.

Drivers will find out where you are when they pass by using a company banner on the map.

Zero-Speed Takeover.

A digital billboard covers the top of the navigation screen when the car is completely stopped. Informs the driver about your whereabouts and any special offers or promotions that you can offer.

Promoted Search.

Your business and brand logo will appear at the top of the search results.

How much is?

In the case of branded advertisements, the price is quite low – from $ 2 per thousand impressions (CPM). You do not have a call to action or banner, so this is more for awareness.

The Waze zero-speed ad advert gives you more options to promote your business with calls to action, promotions, etc., but it costs more – from $ … per thousand impressions. The goal is to direct actions to your location – you can track the people who clicked “Drive There”.

One thing you should pay attention to: since people can click “Drive There” by accident, you have a second screen. press again to confirm the trip. The second click (which is more effective) is tracked as a true action.

The search results ad is also based on CPM from … US dollars, and the action “Move here” is also used here. In this case, you show when people are looking for a destination.

Any business can advertise on Waze.

But for now the main sectors using this form of advertising are:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Car Services
  • Healthcare
  • Furniture / Home Supplies
  • The property
  • Grocery trade

Impulse purchases – food, entertainment, etc., are suitable for placing these ads in Waze ads.


What is targeted marketing?

Traditional location-based advertising, whether it’s an old-school billboard or modern digital advertising, relies on users to see your ad in a specific place and decide to visit your store.

However, when drivers are on the road, it’s difficult to create such an attractive ad that can convince them to stray and stop on that path.

Most people focus on getting to their destination and rarely have the intention of stopping in the process.

With this in mind, the Waze team found that it’s much more profitable to place ads based on the user’s destination than where they currently are.

Using GPS to get to your destination suggests that the person is not familiar with the area he is visiting. This means that these ads are more likely to be welcomed by users who usually use their mobile phones to search for restaurants or shops in the area upon arrival anyway.

They are also more effective because advertising does not ask people to deviate from a given course, but offers things that complement their existing plans.

Thus, if you spend a day in an unfamiliar city, for example, you can use the ads that Waze advertises in the last mile of your trip to find out about local places to eat or to make purchases that you can add to your route.Pretty comfortable!



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