Website development. Business card site.

Decision like Business card site – this is providing users with a small amount of information containing only specific facts, a description of the advantages of goods and the advantages of the company’s services, a few words about the company as a whole – thesis and presentation.

To create such a mini-project, a business card site will require small financial and time costs, the development will pay off when the visitors of the resource become regular customers.

“If you are not on the Internet, then you are not in business” Bill Gates.

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Making a business card website is the first step to getting your business online.

The cost of a business card site, its price is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of creating any other site, and its content requires minimal costs. Create a business card website inexpensively and quickly.

The business card website operates around the clock, it does not need sick leave and vacation – information is available to visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The site maintains a positive image of the company. To keep up with the times and progress is a good tone in the business world.

To understand who can use a business card website, draw an analogy with a regular (paper) business card, and it will immediately become clear to you that the scope of use of such a resource has no boundaries.

Such sites perform the same functions as their paper prototypes, but on a slightly wider scale. Presentation of your company through a business card site is much more effective and visual.

The audience that can be reached by such a “business card” can be estimated at millions of potential customers. Among this huge number of people may be your potential business partners.

A business card can be designed for an entire company, for an individual employee, or for a private individual who provides certain services on an individual basis.

Basic equipment for developing a business card website:

  • Individual design, simple but high quality;
  • A small catalog of products and services of the company;
  • Feedback form, call order form;
  • Slider (slide show);
  • Registration and installation of statistics counters and visit analytics;
  • Price list with the ability to download by users;
  • News Feed, Articles section;
  • Social buttons (social services);
  • Filling in test mode up to 5 pages of information and 5 photos;
  • Training in working with the system, consulting on filling content;
  • Site search form;
  • Photo Gallery;
  • Driving directions;
  • Special offers block, promotions, partners;
  • Other …

The main task of the business card site – correspondence acquaintance of a potential client or partner with you (and / or company).

The purpose of such sites is not just to introduce, but also to interest the target audience. Therefore, on the pages of business card sites (usually from 3 to 5), only the most important and useful information is posted.

It is not necessary for the user to know everything at the familiarization stage. Lighting the most basic and important points of your activity, you can quickly interest a potential client, regardless of the region of his residence, and turn him into a real client.

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