Yandex Direct Advertising

Yandex.Direct – russian service for placing advertisements on search engine pages and partner sites, participants YAN (Yandex Advertising Network).

If your target audience is russian-speaking, then you should try to advertise in Yandex.

Advertising in Yandex.Direct It doesn’t generate demand, but processes the finished one – the advertiser gets the opportunity to show an ad to users who have recently searched for similar products, services, or are already his customers and need to be further stimulated.

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Payment in Yandex Direct occurs for each click on an ad to your site. In the language of business, piecework is applicable here. How many clicks users made, so much money was debited from your account.

Impressions themselves are completely free – thousands of people can see your ad, but you will only need to pay for real visitors. You also need to consider the commission of the system – when transferring money to your account, a rather large amount is lost.

Types of advertising in Yandex.Direct

Contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct it can be search (placed on search results for similar or completely identical queries) or thematic (placed on partner sites of YAN).

Let’s consider them in more detail:

Search contextual advertising. This is a group of advertisements that you see under the search bar or in other advertising areas of the issuing page. Advertising is displayed when the user enters the appropriate request (you specify their list when setting up). Depending on the placement unit, search advertising is divided into three types:

Special placement. This is a maximum of three positions under the search bar, which are considered to be the most visible and “clickable”;

Guarantee. 4 blocks located at the bottom of the search page, after all the results of the search results and the list of pages;

Динамика. All other advertising, which was not displayed on the first page of search results and is shown on the following.

Thematic contextual advertising. Placed on the thematic sites or on the sites of the Yandex Advertising Network. Simply put, sites rent Yandex certain places on their pages where ads are displayed.

At the same time, it is customary to subdivide YAN into 4 components:

Behavioral – the user is shown ads for queries that he previously searched;

Thematic – ads are relevant to the site;

Retargeting – advertising is shown to customers whom the company wants to “return”;

Relevant additional phrases.

Yandex.Direct offers a lot of options that allow you to optimize the process of creating advertising campaigns, simplify their management, increase the effectiveness of each ad, and calculate the budget.

Ads on Yandex.Direct are displayed on an auction basis. In this case, you do not need to place bets for each ad, you just need to explain to the system what you want to achieve during the advertising campaign. Accordingly, it makes sense to adhere to a specific ad serving strategy. All strategies are divided into manual and automatic.

It is not possible to accurately predict how much advertising on Yandex Direct costs. The price will depend on the competitiveness of requests and on the clickability of your ad. The first one will not succeed in influencing, but trying to set up the company correctly is always possible and necessary.


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