Diploma Service, state of emergency

Organization of effective Internet marketing for a company for services of writing various works for students. The old site of the company was pessimized by the Google search engine for the presence of viruses on the site, etc., and the developer company, as often happens, disappeared somewhere. It was decided to go in two directions:

1. Quickly organize the traffic of potential customers through contextual advertising Google Ads + to develop a minimalistic landing layout for this project with transitions to the customer’s main site. The issue of setting context was complicated by the limited topic of writing works.

2. Repair and clean the old site with an eye on its further SEO-promotion.

  • Repair and redesign of the site.
  • Setting up Google Ads contextual advertising.
  • Sites (development).
  • Comprehensive escort.
  • Period: February 2019.
  • website address: avtor.top

Site Content:

Here you can change your diploma, course, master’s degree, control robot, chi abstract from Economics and Law.
Our dosv_d robots from 2009 to the market for writing graduate projects, term projects, abstracts.
Mi proponuонmo temple yakіst swathed by you robots.

  • In category:

    Under comprehensive business online support on the Internet, we understand following the objectives of the client’s business with the aim of solving them as efficiently as possible using the technologies of Internet marketing.

    Accompanying the business of clients on the Web, we try to become part of your team, be as integrated as possible in your business processes, deeply understand the tasks and offer the best solutions.

  • Contextual Advertising

    - from ₪ 1000 /month

    In category:

    Submit your contextual advertising on Google Ads today!
    Potential clients learn about your company at the right time – when will search on google goods and services that you offer.

    You only pay for referrals to the site and phone calls on the ad.

    Attracting new customers to Google Ads will help increase the volume of online sales and the number of calls to the office, attract new visitors to the site and

  • Business card site

    - from ₪ 1500

    In category:

    Decision like Business card site – this is providing users with a small amount of information containing only specific facts, a description of the advantages of goods and the advantages of the company’s services, a few words about the company as a whole – thesis and presentation.

    To create such a mini-project, a business card site will require small financial and time costs, the development will pay off when the visitors of the resource become regular customers.