Google: Comments are part of the main content of the page.

Google: Comments are part of the main content of the page.

In mid-December, Google search specialist John Muller held a new session with webmasters in a question-and-answer format. One of the topics that Muller touched on blog comments: how does the search engine rate them as main content or auxiliary?

Muller said that comments are part of the main page, unlike, for example, navigation and footer, which are just considered auxiliary content.

“When a bot looks at a page, it sees elements such as navigation, footer or sidebars as template auxiliary content, not critical. But a blog post and changes to the content of this page in the form of comments are what the bot will appreciate as part of the main content. The system will try to understand what these comments are. Sometimes it happens that there are few posts on the blog, but there are a lot of really good comments. Comments may contain something important for a particular page, so you cannot ignore them, ”Muller noted.


Some site owners or optimizers use this to manipulate algorithms and increase the position of their sites in the SERP: they order feedback texts from copywriters that contain keyword entries. This is a rather risky strategy, and we do not recommend using it. Better take care of high-quality and useful content that will correspond to the intent of users, and comments will appear by themselves.


Mueller’s detailed answers to this and other questions are in the session record:

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