Google innovations. Slow sites may decrease line items.

Due to Google’s innovation , slower sites will drop positions .
The other day, Google made a statement that new indicators for sites will appear in the Google Chrome browser.

What indicators are we talking about?

What will change?

What will it look like?

How will innovation affect the formation of search results?

What to do now?

A message appeared on the Google Chromium blog that new indicators for marking up slow and fast sites will appear in the Chrome browser.

The implementation of such indicators is being considered:

  • Graphic notification on the site page when the page is loading;
  • Different color of the status bar when the site loads depending on speed;
  • Download label in the browser context menu.

As a result, users will be able to get information about the speed of the site before the first full page load. Such indicators can be personalized in some cases, that is, the output of notifications may depend on the speed of the Internet device’s connection.

What will it look like?

The development of a system for indicating slow sites in the Google Chrome browser is at the experimental stage and the design is not ready, but you should prepare for the changes in advance.

Now the layout is as follows:


How will it affect SEO?

Indicators will have a significant impact on the actual values ​​of behavioral factors for ranking pages on sites.

Behavioral factors are among the top ranking factors.

These factors are taken into account after indexing pages, and after the first wave of ranking.

It’s highly likely that signals from Chrome are sent to the Google search engine.

Chrome is the most popular browser. The browser’s market share is over 65% and is growing.

The distribution of the audience by Internet browsers currently looks like this (Data from the service Statcounter </ a >):

  • Google Chrome – 65%;
  • Safari – 16%;
  • Microsoft Browsers – 5%;
  • Firefox – 4.33%;
  • Opera – 2.34%.

Extract from the announcement text (translation):


Speed ​​has always been a top priority for the Chrome browser – we (hereinafter – Google) are constantly working to ensure that users get instant results when browsing the web. We believe that the web is capable of more and want to help users understand in advance when the site will load slowly and encourage resources that show high speed.

In the future, Chrome will be able to identify the download speed of sites and mark them as slow or fast. Such designations are possible in various forms, and we plan to experiment to find the most convenient from the point of view of users.

Tags will be based on site load time history. Further, we can expand this information and report on the likelihood of a low download speed depending on the device and the user’s network conditions.

Scheduled studies include notifications on the site’s loading screen, a download speed indicator (green progress bar for fast sites), and a checkmark in the Chrome context menu so that users can decide in advance whether to follow the link . </ p>

… “

The browser from Google will determine the speed of loading the pages of the site and display an appropriate indicator, which will negatively affect the ranking of slow sites.

The change will affect sites like this:

  • Behavioral factors on sites with low download speed will be worsened, which will lead to lower positions;
  • Positions in search results will increase for sites whose pages load at a high speed.

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Translation of material for Israel. Original

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