Home cooking in Haifa catering

Development of a catalog site for a mini online store for a company that is engaged in catering (home cooking) with delivery and pick-up in the city of Haifa.
Setting up advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram, Waze Ads

  • Website development. Business card site.
  • Online shopping (development) creation.
  • Advertising Waze Ads.
  • Ads on Facebook / Instagram.
  • Contextual advertising Google Ads.

Period: 2019
Website Address: cupa.net
Home cooking in Haifa and Krayot are intended for those visitors who, in the age of universal urbanization, lack simple, familiar and tasty food prepared with a soul. It’s quite difficult to clearly describe what home cooking is. It is distinguished by simple recipes, the ability to cook at home, the usual set of products, the absence of decorations and delights, large, mouth-watering portions – perhaps this is all that can be said about it. You can adapt dishes from different countries to the home format.


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  • Advertise on Waze
    - from ₪ 1000 /month

    In category:

    Waze Adsattract drivers to your business through advertising in the world’s largest navigation application Waze.

    The Google Waze navigation app helps drivers quickly get to their destination.

    At the same time Waze sells advertisementsу, who is trying to convince drivers to change their routes. For example, Branded Pins could highlight the nearest restaurant or retail store.

  • Contextual Advertising

    - from ₪ 1000 /month

    In category:

    Submit your contextual advertising on Google Ads today!
    Potential clients learn about your company at the right time – when will search on google goods and services that you offer.

    You only pay for referrals to the site and phone calls on the ad.

    Attracting new customers to Google Ads will help increase the volume of online sales and the number of calls to the office, attract new visitors to the site and

  • Facebook / Instagram Advertising

    - from ₪ 1000 /month

    In category:

    Thinking of advertising on Instagram or Facebook?

    Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social media among most people.

    Targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads – a powerful tool that allows you to create demand for a new product by targeting your offer to a high-quality solvent target audience

  • Online Store - from ₪ 3000

    In category:

    We are engaged in the development (creation) online stores and other projects of varying degrees of complexity. Knowing the difference between an effective online store and wasted time and money, we only work with those customers who understand the purpose of creating the site. And we are ready to help them with this.

    We are interested in developing the business of our customers, we are trying to become a reliable partner for them.

  • Business card site

    - from ₪ 1500

    In category:

    Decision like Business card site – this is providing users with a small amount of information containing only specific facts, a description of the advantages of goods and the advantages of the company’s services, a few words about the company as a whole – thesis and presentation.

    To create such a mini-project, a business card site will require small financial and time costs, the development will pay off when the visitors of the resource become regular customers.