How to create a convenient modern website to attract customers?

How to create a convenient modern website to attract customers?


1. Identify why and why
Give yourself an answer to the question: why do you need a site and what tasks should it perform.

For example, to attract more customers, which means you need to deeply work out the target audience, create the right offer, for which the CA will leave its money, in other words, properly pack your product / service.


2. Target Audience Analysis
The analysis can take you from two days to several weeks. The main thing is that you understand for whom specifically your product / service, why and why it will buy from you, and what problems the consumer solves.


3. Identify traffic channels
For example, contextual advertising, facebook targeting, advertising with bloggers. The further stages of work will depend on this. Imagine that you are repairing laptops. According to the results of the competent implementation of the second stage, you realized that the client will most likely be looking for you using a mobile device and he needs to find a specialist now, so he will start google, which means contextual advertising with remarketing for three days is the best option.


4. Site Structure
Determine which sections should be on the site and which blocks will be in these sections. First of all, you must answer all user questions and not create the impression of clutter.


5. Copywriting
Based on the structure, the copywriter writes texts for the site. The text should be interesting and accessible to the target audience, it should reveal the benefits of the product / service. For example, if we write for the younger generation, then relevant jargon or slang is appropriate.
The copywriter should remember about positioning, if the company in other channels will position itself as a serious and conservative character, and the site has a lot of incomprehensible jargon, then for the consumer you will be faceless. In the text, consider the keywords by which the search engine will index the site and you can find the consumer.


6. Prototyping
At this stage, you should schematically display all the elements of the site taking into account the written text and place everything so that it is convenient for the user. As a rule, this is done by the UX specialist, because the site should be convenient for the user, based on his experience, and also do not forget that all elements must be accessible and logically displayed.


7. Website Design
The site design should attract a visitor, comply with modern trends and take into account the tastes of the target audience. At the same time, he must clearly and concisely submit all the information on the site so that there is no impression of emptiness or clutter. The appearance of the site whether the user likes it or not depends on the conversion result.
Make a video, photo shoot or at least do not save on stock images. The design needs to be drawn in at least two versions: desktop – for computers and laptops, mobile – for mobile devices, so that the layout designer has an understanding of how the site should adapt, as it should be convenient and look more than 15 screen resolutions.


8. Website development
I’m sure from my own experience that in 70% of cases, one-page sites do not require a management system, as a rule, changes are made very rarely and if you initially build an adequate relationship with a layout designer, then changing the phone number on the site in six months can cost free. If you still need a control system, then you need to select it based on your needs. For example, if it’s an online store, then OpenCart, a corporate or one-page website, is WordPress, which will perfectly cope with all tasks. Each control system carries a lot of extra functionality that slows down the loading of the site and if maximum speed is required, it is better to choose the Yii2 or Symfony framework, for example.


9. Optimize and fix bugs
After developing the project, you need to fill out the main meta tags Title and Deskription on the site. Optimize the site using the Google Page Spead service and remove errors in the Validator (it is not always possible to remove all errors).

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