psychologist course “Reboot”

Developing a Landing Page for a separate psychologist course. Contextual advertising Google Ads, promotion on Facebook / Instagram

  • Creating a Landing Page
  • Repair and redesign of the site
  • Contextual advertising Google Ads
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads

Period: Fall-Winter 2019

Site address:


The course consists of 10 consultations in which you

Relieve current stress;
Pass the test for the level of personal development and the quality of the internal state;
Work out your personal story;
Get rid of fears and complexes;
Remember your dreams and desires;
Learn to build a personal relationship;
Develop a plan in detail and find ways to achieve your goals;
You will become a happy and balanced person.


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  • Contextual Advertising

    - from ₪ 1000 /month

    In category:

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  • Facebook / Instagram Advertising

    - from ₪ 1000 /month

    In category:

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  • Landing Page - from ₪ 1500

    In category:

    Landing Page — a web page whose main task is to collect contact information for the target audience. Used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising, increase audience. The landing page usually contains information about the product or service.

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