School of Communication “Manifestor”

The company selling fitness courses has acquired a paid template, with the intention of making its own site. In the course of work, system installation errors and template structure began to appear. We had to reinstall the template and re-configure the server. In the course of the work, recommendations were given regarding CNC, SSL and the rules of initial internal SEO optimization. Consultation was held regarding the structure of this template and further work with it.

  • Repair and redesign of the site.
  • Period: winter 2019.
  • SEO search engine optimization sites and online stores.
  • website address:

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  • SEO (search engine optimization)
    - from ₪ 2000 /month

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    We offer an integrated approach to issues SEO search engine optimization sites and online stores.

    Search engine optimization does not boil down to filling the text with keywords.

    Before promoting a site or an online store in search engines, we will analyze it in many ways and choose only the most effective and efficient methods and ways to optimize and promote it.