SiemensCom Engineering

Finalization of the corporate site. The customer’s wish was to revitalize the corporate website, add dynamics and originality. An animated running line with a gif engineer was developed, and looped animated inscriptions expressing the essence of corporate values ​​were added. Adaptation for different screen resolutions.

  • Repair and redesign of the site.
  • Period: January 2019.
  • website address:

The private enterprise Simenkom Engineering was created to provide services for the automation of technological processes. During the 23 years of activity, they have gained enormous experience and have reached the highest level of skill that they can apply in any industry.


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    Graphic design – this is the creation of a visual graphic product (printing, outdoor advertising, banners, business cards, website design, packaging, logo, book design, font creation, etc.) using special programs.

    Graphic design is a modern form of visual art. Regardless of whether we are working on packaging chips or the website of a law firm, in both cases the project must convey its message to the target audience.