Land for sale

By NiKK agency

Organization of contextual advertising for the sale of land in certain regions of one of the regions of Ukraine. Targeting is configured only for specific areas and areas of the area. Traffic is directed to a Facebook account. Developed recommendations for the client to increase the effectiveness of the advertising company. Google AdWords Contextual Advertising…

Tech Farmin

By NiKK agency

Repair and redesign of the site. Period: February 2018 Tech Pharming LLC. We offer only the best projects already implemented in practice. We are the market leaders in equipment for the introduction of anhydrous ammonia. Contextual advertising Google AdWords. SEO (search engine optimization). Period: May 2018 Website address:

LLC “Grinko-Agro”

By NiKK agency

Sites (development) Period: April 2018 Greenco-Agro LLC presents equipment for the application of liquid fertilizers (CAS, HCS), dry (granular), gaseous (anhydrous ammonia / NH3), as well as containers for these fertilizers. Website address: