Car tow truck

By NiKK agency

SEO (search engine optimization). Repair and redesign of the site. Car tow truck Period: Autumn 2018. site address:

Service Station Self-Service Car

By NiKK agency

Sites (development). Car Service Self-Service Car. STO self-service Self-Service Car at your service! Rent a fully equipped service station on an hourly rental for men with hands. Contextual advertising Google AdWords. Media and other Google AdWords ads. Period: Autumn 2018. site address:

Truck Tire online tire store

By NiKK agency

Online stores (development). Integration of an online store with CRM. Truck Tire online tire store The modern tire market of Ukraine offers motorists an extensive selection of tires – for suburban off-road trips and conquering high-speed race tracks, for hot (or rainy) summers and snowy winters. SEO (search engine optimization). Comprehensive support. Period: Summer 2018.…