Vlasna Krasa online store

Organization of an advertising company on the Internet for an online cosmetics store. Improved website design and functionality. Unloading goods to marketplaces including Google Shopping

  • Contextual advertising Google Ads
  • Repair and redesign of the site
  • Google Shopping Ads Shopping campaigns and Product Listing Ads based on the Merchant Center

Period: Fall-Winter 2019

Site address: vlasnakrasa.com.ua


A look you can be proud of and conquer? Wake up in the morning and be sure of your superiority? Every girl dreams about it … You may have such an opportunity. He cannot take his eyes off you !!


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    Google Display Network Ads – effective way to increase reach of potential customers.

    Google Display Network Ads – widely used tool of Internet marketing, which allows you to increase the number of potential customers of your site.

    With a high degree of probability they will perform a useful action – purchase, registration or subscription.

  • Contextual Advertising

    - from ₪ 1000 /month

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    Submit your contextual advertising on Google Ads today!
    Potential clients learn about your company at the right time – when will search on google goods and services that you offer.

    You only pay for referrals to the site and phone calls on the ad.

    Attracting new customers to Google Ads will help increase the volume of online sales and the number of calls to the office, attract new visitors to the site and

  • Shopping campaigns and product listing ads
    Google Shopping at Merchant Center
    - from ₪ 1500 /month

    In category:

    Google Shopping – service for online retailers. The ability to choose products, current data, convenient methods of purchase – all this is presented in Google Shopping.

    Using shopping campaigns will automate routine work and free up time for other tasks.

    Setting up shopping campaigns allows you to show your products to an audience that is truly ready to make a purchase.